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International Conference and B2B
CRINSS - Creative Industries Summer Sessions
11-13 July 2012, Novi Sad, Serbia

Key Speaker

Janos Keresnyei
Cultural innovator. Founder of Southern Transdanubian Cultural Industry Cluster.

President of Cultural Innovation Competence Centre Association in Pecs. He is project manager in Creative Cities, which is a Central European project about transnational cultural industry cluster development. With  his colleagues he established the first coo working house of Pecs- the KOHO. He is also giving lectures at University of Pecs about Creative Industry.

CULTURE - the industry of the new age
"Enhance the competence of industrial growth at creative enterprises"
The answer is in our daily job, in our daily life. Our life is transferring so fast that we even can not recognize. We all are bounded to our old habits when we think about culture. We all believe the world will be changed around us but without us. The creative industry gives more contribution to GDP in UK than the mining, or steel industry. In Hungary the creative industry's GDP contribution is over 4% but the creative industry is hardly mentioned in the national strategy. What can we do for changes, how can we enhance the profitability of our creative enterprises ?


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