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International Conference and B2B
CRINSS - Creative Industries Summer Sessions
11-13 July 2012, Novi Sad, Serbia

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Valentina Grillea 
MFG Baden-Württemberg, Germany

I have obtained my degree on Communication Sciences at the University of Turin, with specialization in Information Technologies and Communications (ICT). After a strong collaboration with he Turin University and local companies for the technical and methodological preparation of courses and tutoring I moved to Germany. Since June 2008 I work for MFG Baden-Württemberg as Project Manager. I am actually in charge for 3 European Projects on Transfer Technology (FORT - Central Europe), Open Innovation (Open Alps - Alpine Space), Lifelong learning in ICT (VISIR - LLL). Moreover I manage the European Interest Group on Creativity and Innovation (EICI), the European Think Tank on Creativity and Innovation and I am alsoc costantly involved in the development of new projects´ proposal on different Innovation topics. 

EICI as bottom-up european cluster network. EICI activities to promote Creative Industries and Innovation in Europe and cross-boarders. Focus on ICT and creative tools to improve learning process. 

Topic abstract 
During my speech I will present the case of the European Interest Group on Creativity and Innovation, the unique bottom-up cluster network on Creativity and Innovation in Europe. The approach and the results of the network will be explained showing concrete example of EICI activities. A special focus will then be given to the use of ICT and creative tools for learning in Europe, presenting the VISIR project and its collection of micro-Innovation practices (defined as real-life spontaneous bottom-up innovation cases where ICT is successfully applied to learning practices to build digital and other key competences).


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