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Financing and development of Creative Industries
International Conference and b2b Matchmakong

12-13 September 2013, Novi Sad, Serbia
Cultural Center of Novi Sad, 5 Katolička porta st.

What is a matchmaking event?
B2B Matchmaking became an added value and unavoidable part of almost every conference or fair. Since it’s evaluated that 20 minutes is usually enough to recognize cooperation potential it became an easiest and very fast way to introduce your business to potential partners.

What you need to do?


1. Promote your profile+
2. Schedule a meeting+
3. Participate in the event.

 CRINSS conference registration

Fill out the online form and create your business profile. Introduce yourself to potential cooperating partners and explain the services you are offering and what are you looking for from future collaboration.

1. Promote your profile+ 
Your profile is now public for all the participants of the event and it will be promoted through all the channels of the Organizer.

2. Schedule a meeting+
After you receive an email that a booking period started, you can procede to the next step – booking of bilateral meetings. Use search options that provides most suitable results for your needs and identify potential partners in just a few minutes. Send meeting requests according to your schedule and check out the results. Someone may also be interested in your offer and book you for a meeting.

Few days before the event you will receive your personal meeting schedule via email, but you can continue with booking until the predefined deadline.

3. Participate in the event

At the event Organizer will provide you with your updated booking schedule including last minute booking. It consists of chronological list of meetings, number of the table for each meeting and the name of your conversation partner.



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