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International Conference and B2B
CRINSS - Creative Industries Summer Sessions
11-13 July 2012, Novi Sad, Serbia

Key Speaker

Hugo van Veghel

PhD in Operative Management
Gestallt driven manager
Senior expert in technology and knowledge transfer
Docent in Economy and Technology, KT & TT
Director of TARA International Consulting (Novi Sad)
President of ICTTI, International Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Partnership and Innovation (.org Novi Sad)
President of BSBA, Belgian Serbian Business Association
Member of SPICE group, Science Parks and Innovation Centres Expert Group (Berlin)

Creativity develops through a permissive environment.

Logic will get you from A to B, immagination will take you everywhere (Einstein).
For a few decades now we are screaming for innovation to save our economies. The reason for that is because we have lost our creativity and without creativity no innovation. Creative industries have inspired and contributed to many important innovative developments. A primary condition for creativity however is a permissive environment in which creativity can flourish, where creators are allowed to experiment, can get involved in the process. Engagement and involvement are keywords for bringing innovation to life. In this presentation we look at the importance of three important creative learning patterns, the environment in which creators fight for their ideas and tips to bring innovation to life.


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