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International Conference and B2B
CRINSS - Creative Industries Summer Sessions
11-13 July 2012, Novi Sad, Serbia

Key Speaker

Svetlana Bezdanov Gostimir
Vice-Dean at Academy of Arts, Belgrade

B.S. in English Language and Literature (University of Belgrade); M.A. in Sociology of Culture and Education (University of Belgrade); PhD in Filmology (University of Arts, Belgrade)

Improvements and In-service Training
Great Britain (London), Spain (Madrid), USA (Tallahassee, New York), Danmark (Copenhagen), Germany (Berlin), Croatia (Zagreb), Serbia (Belgrade)

Academic Experience
Courtesy assistantship at Florida State University, College of Communication (Tallahassee, FLA, USA) – practice and study for MA thesis; Serbian Institute for Development of Education (Belgrade) – adviser for film and media education; Serbian Ministry of Education (Belgrade) – adviser for media literacy; Teachers’ Training Faculty, University of Belgrade (Belgrade/Vršac/Novi Pazar) – Associate professor on Mass Communication, Film and TV Culture, Media Literacy; Teachers’ Training Faculty, University of Kragujevac (Jagodina) – associate professor on Film and TV culture; Faculty for management (Novi Sad/Pančevo) – guest professor on Media literacy; Academy of Arts, University “BK”/”Alfa” (Belgrade) – full professor on Introduction to Communications, Introduction to Media, Film and TV critique, MR Relations, Media Icons, Media Arts; Faculty of Visual Arts, “Mediterranean” University (Podgorica, Montenegro) – guest professor on Introduction to Mass Communication, Introduction to Media, Film & TV Critique, Film & TV Aesthetics; Vice-Dean at Academy of Arts, Belgrade

Published Works
Author of over 100 titles (on almost 3100 pages), published as 15 books - Filmom do ličnosti (1984), Filmom do dečjeg stvaralaštva (1989), Filmom do filma (1990), Filmom do kritike & vv. (1993), Za(u)vođenje medija (1994), Bajka u zemlji medija (1998), Dete sa tri lista: porodica, škola, mediji (2000), Pars pro toto (2001), Kobajagi medijski kuvar (2002), Čitati medije (multimedia, 2004), Medijska pismenost (elektronski izvor, 2004), Medijska pismenost i civilno društvo (2005), Media Literacy and Civil Society (2006) Umetnost pokretnih slika (multimedia, 2008), Media Side Story (u pripremi), Medijske ikone (u pripremi), Rečnik umetnosti medija (u pripremi) – and over 90 studies, critiques, essays and reviews Translated from English: Author of over 1600 pages published as 13 books and many articles on literature, science and arts

Author, coordinator and/or researcher in over 20 projects on media education, media arts and aesthetics; founder of the first students’ TV (University of Begrade, Teachers’ Training Faculty - TV SU®F); director of 4 short movies; founder and co-realizator of the first Serbian on-line education for teachers in arts of moving pictures; participation in selecting and promotion of many master and doctoral degrees as well as new teachers at various universities; Member of juries in several art and/or science manifestations (festivals, conferences, etc.); Editor of few sections in leading national magazines; National Expert in Distance Learning – WUS Austria; official Reviewer in Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance – National council of higher education to deal with accreditation, quality assurance of higher education institutions and evaluation of study programs.

Winner of Belgrade Film Institute’s Prize
“Golden Pen” in Film Theory and Critique for the study (doctoral dissertation) “Jugoslovenska filmska kritika i razvoj filmskog izraza (1896-1987)”, published as „Filmom do kritike & vv.“ Founder & Art Director of Fund for Media Arts, Belgrade Author of idea, curriculum and founding survey for School of Media Arts “SMArts” Lives in Belgrade, married and has 21 years old daughter Hana

Lives in Belgrade, married and has 21 years old daughter Hana.


Introducing creative industries to academic context of arts means avoiding all the confusion and/or misunderstanding made on global talk pro exclusively negative influences coming from commercialism, industry, media, manipulation, violence and fake arts (i.e. kitsch) production. The following discourse is based on fundamental arts topics, argumented in the various approaches to the phenomenon of creative ideas, their application and dissemination in the global village. Doctoral programe at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade initiated as ENTERTAINMENT & DREAMS’ INDUSTRY, renamed (according to the objections, i.e. missunderstanding of Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance) in CREATIVE INDUSTRIES expects support of all experts devoted to beauty, art, aesthetics, easthetic experience, taste (being an etiquette: frequently seduced by novelties, similarities, associations, habits, manners and antiquities), and critique (being representative of the most talented public); as well as to the media context: medium in art and communication, mass media, mass media between reality and/or truth, mass media interpretations of (non)artificial reality. Such a concept elaboration is developed through the concrete art appearances of creative industries in: dreams’ industry, industry of public roles, film & TV critique, image creation & promotion, psychology of glory, media arts, creative ideas industry, taste & ethos, art of moving pictures, sound & music in dreams’ industry, movie & digital media, theatre as the artistic manufacture, art of new technologies: on-line solutions. The sophisticated “practice makes perfect” method is included in almost all contemplations on creative industries appreciation, for the art of creative industries perfects global civilization. 


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