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International Conference and B2B
CRINSS - Creative Industries Summer Sessions
11-13 July 2012, Novi Sad, Serbia

Key Speaker

Danka Milojkovic
LEDIB Cluster House

President of Cluster Council of Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Coordinator of LEDIB Programme Component for Business Membership Organizations Development. Director of the LEDIB Cluster House. Holds a Master’s Degree from Faculty of Organizational Sciences Belgrade. Specialized in the field of local economic development at ITC/ILO Torino, Italy. Manager of the First International Conference DAYS OF CLUSTERS in Nis. Long-time cooperation with development programs in Serbia supported by international organizations from United Kingdom, Norway, Italy, Germany, Spain and Denmark. Expertise in development of clusters and business incubators, PCM, strategic management and planning, corporative culture, TQM. Contribution to establishing a unique magazine in Serbia - the INFOCLUSTER. 
Manager of the concept of the innovative project LEDIB Cluster House since the initial stage, through launching, staffing and development. Managing business organization. Contribution to personnel and logistic capacities building. Expansion of an organization into the national platform for cluster development in Serbia. Establishing partnerships with public and educational-research institutions and business community. Establishing cooperation with SCC Cluster Council, advocating for cluster interests in Serbia and establishing strategic planning for cluster development in Serbia. 

LEDIB Cluster House Concept - Driver of Cluster Excellence in Serbia
In order to adjust procedures in Serbia to the ones of other European countries, a strategic planning of cluster development in Serbia needs to be performed. There are more than 40 clusters in Serbia. Clusters represent significant tool of sustainable economic development. LEDIB Cluster House, an innovative organization, was formed in Nis in purpose of developing clusters all over South-East Serbia, with the mission to establish cooperation of business community organized into clusters and public and scientific-research sectors. Increase in the number of clusters in Serbia indicates that there is a need to create specific training for associates in the area of cluster development in Serbia. By applying the multidisciplinary approach in training of cluster facilitators, based on cooperation of Universities, business organizations and clusters, and with strong support of public sector, LEDIB Cluster House is contributing to creation of expert assistants – cluster facilitators, who will enable professional development of clusters in Serbia, strengthening thus the SME sector competitiveness through support to innovations.


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